About GNCode


To transform Guinea into a nation that participates in the digital revolution in ways that are productive, responsible and beneficial for human, social and economic development.


To prepare Guineans to face the challenges and seize the opportunities inherent in the digital revolution.


  • Develop computer science teaching curriculua adapted to various academic and professional levels in Guinea.
  • Organize computer science teaching campaigns for students, teachers and professionals.
  • Promote the teaching of computer science from an early age.
  • Provide support for the adoption of computer science education programs by schools, universities and professional centers.

  • Create and operate GNCodePark learning centers in each prefecture of Guinea.
  • Develop solutions for learning tools adapted to the Guinean context and support their adoption.

  • Sensitize Guineans to the opportunities and pitfalls linked to technological trends.
  • Promote technological tools contributing positively to human, social and economic development in Guinea.
  • Advise Guinean authorities in the implementation of policies related to information technology.

  • Create jobs in the technology sector.
  • Create tech startup incubators.
  • Inspire Guinean entrepreneurs to create valuable technological products and services for Guinea, for Africa and for the whole world.

  • Conduct research projects in the area of Natural Language Processing of Guinean and African languages.
  • Create solutions that allow natural interactions with intelligent systems in Guinean languages.
  • Bridge the gap between illiteracy and access to information and technological products and services.
  • Use technology to reduce illiteracy.

  • Undertake joint projects with organizations whose missions are compatible with those of GNCode.